Tuesday, February 23, 2010

fuck you anyway

Welcome Lotion in The Basket.

Well, this may be raw. Not good raw. Bad raw. Angry raw. Angry i don't know what i'm talkign baout raw.

Like a fuck-you-fuckyou-fuckyou-fuckyou sort of raw.

So fuckyoufuckyoufuckyou, fuck you you and your clattering mess, and your fucking noise, fuck you always trying to clean up my shit, fuck your whiny voice, fuck your intrusion of my fucking privacy, fuck your stupid cleaning compulsions, fuck your morning freshly-squashed juice, fuck you and your meatballs, fuck you and your "ooooh, you're so ungrateful". So fucking THANK YOU, fucking, ignorant bitch who's gonna be the death of me.

Oh shit. I don't believe i just wrote sth like this. Shit. Guess I'm not gonna be a poet anytime soon.

Ha, i'm feeling all...purged now.

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