Tuesday, February 23, 2010

suicide actually

I think a friend of mine, someone I met online, might have killed himself. And, um, I may have sth to do with it? because of my last e-mail? But I don't know how you dissuade someone who wants to die. If they're resolute about it, if you decide to kill yourself, it becomes a challenge. If you're not able to go through with it, maybe you feel like you have failed yourself.

What could I tell him anyway? When someone wants to die, there's no right or wrong thing to say, either way they'll do what they'll do. Plus, I have thought about the virtues of suicide, so...

The noise inside my head is so high-volumed, I ...I...forget what I want to say. No, this is a good thing. I'm just thinking electric saws here. I don't want him to have died because of sth i said or didn't say.

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